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Hexagon Metrology Uses Production Music for Industrial Video

Hexagon Metrology, the leading innovator and manufacturer of worldwide dimensional measuring equipment and software, produced an in-house video to introduce a new industrial product, the ROMER INFINITE 2.0. In the past, Hexagon used production music from for internal training videos as well as for customer use.

William Fetter, Director of Marketing and Communications, says, “We love tools like, where we can get access to high quality media instantly, so we can complete our projects faster than ever before.” The video shows the enhanced usability and performance of the latest version over its predecessor. The portable CMMs are used to inspect stationary parts that are either impractical or impossible mobility in over 100 different industries the major segments being automotive, aerospace, defense and heavy machinery.  

The in-house video for ROMER took less than 2 weeks to complete. Hexagon Metrology used Pinnacle Studio for the production of the video, Swishmax for the animations, and Swishvideo to covert the video to a standalone projector for the web. They combined some of their own original digital footage with digital still photos, flash animation, stock photo and video. To help promote their product they turned to YouTube which made the video easily accessible to the public.

 “We were looking for something that was corporate feeling, yet unobtrusive—we had a complete narrative soundtrack, so the music had to support, but not intrude,“ says William Fetter. “We were looking for a modern soundtrack without being too edgy or aggressive. After listening to a lot of different tracks on, we found just what we were looking for. We love tools like, where we can get access to high quality media instantly, so we can complete our projects faster than ever before.”

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Royalty Free Music Dramatizes High-Altitude Travel

Andean Flutes Capture the Beauty of Nature as Mountaineer Dramatizes High-Altitude Travel with Royalty Free Music from Productiontrax

Brad Clement, owner of Spindrift films (, is a freelance producer and camera operator specializing in photos and footage of high-altitude mountaineering and wilderness adventure. His most recent film features wild areas in Chile and Argentina, including those two countries highest respective peaks, Ojos Del Salado (Chile) and Aconcagua (Argentina). Clement writes, “It combines the drama and beauty of mountain climbing with some humor and humility about trying to stay sane in the often outrageous conditions.”

Clement shot the original footage in Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2008, following the program host with a lightweight Sony FX-7 digital HD camera. When he returns from his current climb of Mt. Everest, he will complete the narration, and then the footage will be edited in Final Cut Studio to create a 45-minute show ready for television broadcast.

To prepare his soundtrack, Clement secured rights to music by licensing royalty free music through Productiontrax. He writes, “Our goals were to capture the beauty of nature, along with the human character and spirit. We wanted a full range of mood and emotion from our music, with an authentic style from the region of the world in which we were filming. The tracks we were able to find and purchase from Productiontrax were perfect! We selected some great, authentic Andean flute music with a wide variety of styles and moods. ”

As a mountaineering guide, guide instructor, and filmmaker, Clement has climbed the world’s great mountain ranges. In the past eight years, his productions have been featured on major networks such as The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, CNN, PBS, NBC and The Outdoor Channel. He has successfully climbed Mt. Everest with camera in hand, and been involved as a producer and camera operator for four production projects involving Everest:  the six-hour Discovery Channel series “Ultimate Survival, Mt. Everest”, the award-winning documentary for Novo Nordisk “Pharmaceuticals, Peaks and Poles – The Will Cross Story”, a television commercial for Liberty Medical, and a recently released documentary film covering the historic Everest Peace Project expedition.

Stock Music for Befuddled Bee

Using a combination of ToonBoom Studio 6, Audacity, iMovie,and GarageBand, Yootoon Studios created a fun animated short about a bee who has a moment of uncertainty as he steps out of his hive. To add to the fun and to create a matching soundtrack to highlight the story and give life to their animated character, the folks at Yootoon Studios utilized a stock music track from and incorporated it into the one-minute film’s soundtrack.

Baxter Bee – Befuddled Bee uses a piece called The Cue, with music composed, arranged & produced by Thomas Bukket, licensed for commercial use – track ID 5143. It’s a jolly, light-hearted, dixieland piece that is perfect for children’s projects and animated shorts like this one.

Yootoon Studios is cartoon creator Butch Hartman’s new animation channel, with new episodes on YouTube every Wednesday at 12PM. You can even submit your own stuff.

Royalty Free Music for Book Trailers

When Laura Elliot, an author of young adult and middle grade fiction, needed royalty free music for the trailers for her latest novels, she turned to for her stock media, helping her to promote her books online.

For her first trailer, she featured her book Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale, about a seventeen-year old girl who solves the riddle of her past on an enchanted road trip where fear’s as blind as love, using Mariachi Music Soundtrack from Productiontrax.

For 13 on Halloween, book 1 in the coming-of-age fantasy series explores popularity and what it means to have it all, she turned to royalty free music from Productiontrax to complete her soundtrack.

Elliot’s upcoming release: “I’m currently in production on a third book trailer for my latest release Transfer Student, a freaky-Friday young-adult scifi romance adventure about a Beverly Hills surfer girl who swaps lives with a boy geek alien when his teleporting telescope experiment goes bad. They swap lives and learn about their dreams by surviving their nightmares.”

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