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South America Travel Uses Royalty Free Music From Productiontrax

To complete their latest video, our friends over at have used some Royalty Free Music from as their soundtrack. The 3:20 minute video features their popular Top 10 South America Tour, a 10 day tour of Chile, Andes, & Buenos Aires, and uses the stock music track Chilean Folk Song by Annie McGee.

Check out their video: has 6 videos (and more on the way) featuring some of their most popular tours. Travel has a very visual appeal, and these quick and informational videos help prospective travelers visualize just what exactly is covered on each tour. South America is a vast and beautiful country, and video can bring boring itineraries to life.

It’s easier to explain to someone who has never been to South America about how amazing it is to visit the Iguassu Falls (on the border of Argentina and Brazil) when you have a video clip to show them, rather than to simply say, “It’s one of the world’s largest waterfalls, and it puts Niagara Falls to shame.” An itinerary and photos are great, but a YouTube video embedded in a tour page is going to sweeten the deal, and put that tour above competitors’ tours in the mind’s eye of the viewer. has had thousands of YouTube channel views at, and many visitors come to their website after watching a video. Visitors to the website often spend extra time on the website than the average user does, which means that once a person watches a South America travel video, they are way more likely to be interested in booking a tour. So the company is excited about the potential for YouTube to connect with a larger audience of travelers.

Royalty Free Music: New and Notable on Productiontrax

The Soulkeeper
Track ID: 263800
Film Moods > Horror
by The Brotherhood

This music track is an electronic horror soundscape, a journey into pure evil. A place of death and lost souls, and a place between worlds. Piece is well suited for Halloween projects.

Tags: horror, creepy, scary, gore, paranormal, ambient, halloween

Sommer Breeze (60 sec)
Track ID: 263738
Mixed Genre > :60 Second Spots – Advertising/Commercial
by Evgeny Kiselevich

Easy and calm background music. Good pop groove, melodic lines of acoustic guitar, light and romantic atmosphere. After the second refrain dynamic splash with a drive-guitar riff. Great as background music for tv and radio production. Available for download in WAV, FLAC, and MP3.

Tags: dreamy, cool, friendly, groovy, light, optimistic, latin

Track ID: 263084
Film Moods > Corporate
by Jon Lawson

Upbeat, positive music track, similar style as U2, Coldplay, guitars, bass percussion. Suitable for a wide range of projects, including corporate video and advertising. Available for download in WAV, FLAC, and MP3.

Tags: U2, Coldplay, commercial, corporate, upbeat, motivated

Horror Sound Effects, Family Life Stock Photos & more on Productiontrax

The team has assembled a list of the latest royalty free music, sound effects, stock footage, and photos uploaded to the library. Click here to visit
Here is a sample of the newest royalty free media on
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Family Life Stock Stock Photography
Latest DJ Elements
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Clear Neon Uses Productiontrax Music in New Advert

Clear Neon makes a range of neon UV paints. JDDL Productions made a great advertisement for Clear Neon titled Neon Warriors. The music for the ad was composed by Pierre Gerwig Langer and downloaded from Productiontrax!

Watch this great commercial now.

For more info on Clear Neon visit their website at