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Royalty Free Music Dramatizes High-Altitude Travel

Andean Flutes Capture the Beauty of Nature as Mountaineer Dramatizes High-Altitude Travel with Royalty Free Music from Productiontrax

Brad Clement, owner of Spindrift films (www.spindriftfilms.com), is a freelance producer and camera operator specializing in photos and footage of high-altitude mountaineering and wilderness adventure. His most recent film features wild areas in Chile and Argentina, including those two countries highest respective peaks, Ojos Del Salado (Chile) and Aconcagua (Argentina). Clement writes, “It combines the drama and beauty of mountain climbing with some humor and humility about trying to stay sane in the often outrageous conditions.”

Clement shot the original footage in Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2008, following the program host with a lightweight Sony FX-7 digital HD camera. When he returns from his current climb of Mt. Everest, he will complete the narration, and then the footage will be edited in Final Cut Studio to create a 45-minute show ready for television broadcast.

To prepare his soundtrack, Clement secured rights to music by licensing royalty free music through Productiontrax. He writes, “Our goals were to capture the beauty of nature, along with the human character and spirit. We wanted a full range of mood and emotion from our music, with an authentic style from the region of the world in which we were filming. The tracks we were able to find and purchase from Productiontrax were perfect! We selected some great, authentic Andean flute music with a wide variety of styles and moods. ”

As a mountaineering guide, guide instructor, and filmmaker, Clement has climbed the world’s great mountain ranges. In the past eight years, his productions have been featured on major networks such as The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, CNN, PBS, NBC and The Outdoor Channel. He has successfully climbed Mt. Everest with camera in hand, and been involved as a producer and camera operator for four production projects involving Everest:  the six-hour Discovery Channel series “Ultimate Survival, Mt. Everest”, the award-winning documentary for Novo Nordisk “Pharmaceuticals, Peaks and Poles – The Will Cross Story”, a television commercial for Liberty Medical, and a recently released documentary film covering the historic Everest Peace Project expedition.

Stock Footage: We Got That B-Roll!

This video was introduced to me at SXSW this year. It’s not a viral ad by a stock media company (which would have been uber-clever), but rather a sketch by a sketch-comedy troupe. I thought it was hilarious — pretty much sums up the stock footage marketplace.

I should note however, that most of the footage, just because it is stock footage, isn’t just cheap B-Roll. Productiontrax (and several other sites as well) has a large library of incredibly usefull, high-quality, thoughtful, and well produced footage. The video clips range from high-tech animations that would fit into any sci-fi film to useful charts and graphs, to yes, B-roll footage of sad guy leaning against a wall.

I think stock media serves a useful purpose in media production. All joking aside, stock footage increases our productivity and frees us up to be even more creative, if you can follow that — the footage by itself is overused and mundane, but it keeps getting used in new, and innovative ways. Don’t let the B-roll label throw you, or keep you from being innovative in how you use stock footage — just remember it’s a tool in your editor’s bag of tricks to help you get your job done, and tell the story in new and interesting ways.

Oh, here’s the video (the owners didn’t want it embedded) — http://youtu.be/SItFvB0Upb8

Orchestral Film Music, Sci-Fi Sound Effects and more on Productiontrax.com!

The Productiontrax.com team has assembled a list of the latest royalty free music, sound effects, stock footage, and photos uploaded to the Productiontrax.com library. Click here to visit Productiontrax.com
Here is a sample of the newest royalty free media on Productiontrax.com:
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Latest DJ Elements
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Productiontrax.com Spins Into the DJ World

Phoenix, Ariz. (PRWEB) April 7, 2009 – Productiontrax.com, a leading provider of royalty free music and stock sound effects, today announced the launch of their DJ Elements page.

The DJ Elements website expansion will provide Productiontrax customers with high-quality Beats, Loops and Samples for use in live spinning and remixes. Customers will also be able to use DJ Elements tracks to create new songs for commercial use.

With the addition of the DJ Elements page, Productiontrax becomes the internet’s first Royalty Free Media website to offer music, sound effects, video footage, stock photography and DJ tracks. David Negron, founder of Productiontrax.com says, “I have always strived to make Productiontrax a one-stop shop for all your royalty-free media needs. Adding the DJ Elements page helps us achieve that and brings our customers an exciting new product to use in their creative work.”

The beats, loops and samples from the DJ Elements collection are available for immediate download on Productiontrax’s DJ Elements page. A wide range of tracks are already available and contributors are adding new tracks every day.

Productiontrax, (www.productiontrax.com), a leader in online distribution and licensing of royalty free music and sound effects, enables customers to license superior-quality royalty free music, sound effects, stock photos and stock video footage for use in film, television, and interactive media on an on-demand basis. As an innovator in online stock media, Productiontrax.com is the first site to allow creators of royalty free production music, sound effects, stock images and video to take an active role in licensing their work to the public. Productiontrax.com is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality, yet affordable resources for multimedia productions. The music and images are 100% original, with new composers, new tracks and new images added everyday. Productiontrax.com is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a subsidiary of One Light Music Productions (www.onelightmusic.com).