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Improved Camera and Windows OS Makes Nokia Smartphone Valuable Stock Photography Tool

Producing stock photos with a cameraphone? The drastically improved picture quality of the new Nokia Windows OS powered phone might be a great tool for amateur and pro photographers alike, an improvement that Nokia is betting on to improve sales.

Nokia Lumia as a Stock Photo Camera

Nokia as a phone company from Finland has been doing a lot to ensure that it able to keep up with the competition put in place by other companies. The unveiling of the Nokia Lumia which has a 41 megapixel camera that is great for stock photos is something that has caught the attention of many users. This is considering the high quality of pictures that users can be able to capture when they acquire this particular model of Nokia phone.

This is an aspect of this phone that Nokia as a company is hoping will boost its sales since there is stiff competition in the phone market. This is especially from the companies that make android phones which have gained a lot of use from users who love the flexibility of the android operating system. The high capability camera feature is something the other phone competitors have not been able to achieve and is something that can help the sales of Nokia.

Windows OS in Nokia Lumia

The use of Windows OS is something that is tricky for Nokia since; more people are now using android phones. Windows phones have not been appreciated as much but, with the improved features of the Nokia Lumia such as the 41 megapixel camera and added features, there is hope that sales will take a peak. This is because; with this phone users can be able to enjoy advanced picture quality as has never been seen before. For microstock photographers, having a powerful camera on their smartphone would also likely make the Nokia an invaluable tool for taking quick snapshots on the go. Combined with the new Windows OS, the phone would make an excellent addition to any photographer’s arsenal.

This will be courtesy of their Nokia Lumia which is now being sold for anyone who would like to enjoy this phone. The windows operating system in this phone is reliable and users do not expect any form of inconveniences. On the other hand, Nokia should expect some change in their sales since; they have been able to do something that no other phone company has accomplished in years. This is feature is also one that stands out on its own as critics have said that it is extraordinary.

Better camera components

The phone development business is one that requires a lot of innovation since; users expect a lot more from their company. Therefore, Nokia has been able to look into this matter through the incorporation of additional lens features in its Nokia Lumia such as the floating lens. This is a feature that allows the 41 megapixel camera to be able to maintain clarity in its pictures even when this camera is shaken. Sharper images are thus achieved with the use of the Lumia since it now has high resolution capabilities. At the same time, six lenses have also been included just to ensure that this camera attains high resolution as it is described.

This is all in an attempt by Nokia to better its sales considering that it faces a lot of competition which has been slowing down it sales over the years. With these features, there is a glimmer of hope that this company will once again get on its feet and compete will fellow mobile handset companies. This is a comeback that hopefully will help this company amid critics about whether this camera will help this company get out of its sales problem.

Need to penetrate the competitive phone market

It takes a lot in order to win users and in the case of the Lumia which is still a windows mobile phone, this still remains to be a challenge. This is because; there is the problem of accessing applications with a Windows mobile. However, Nokia still hopes that it will be able to get through the huddles of the turf mobile market. This is because it has been able to make a 41 megapixel camera on their windows phone considering that this is an achievement this company has attained.

There has been positive feedback about the issue of the 41 megapixel camera and from this, there still stands a chance for this company to get back on track. This company is still working its way out to ensure that, it is able to stabilize its sales which have been on the edge for some years now. In a positive light, there are chances that Nokia stands the chance to beat all the critics about its Windows phone and fair well in the phone development market.

NAMM 2010: Take Your Music With You

Cookie Monster is here today, but many big names in the music industry are missing this year from NAMM, (like Apple, and our friends at East West, and I can’t find Protools anywhere!) while many others have really scaled back (TC Helicon rocks a tiny booth, Korg shifts it’s attention to Marshall). With the struggles of 2009 fresh on everyones minds, the focus for new hardware has been turned to small things, and products aimed at the travelling musician.

Roland put on display its line of battery powered electronic instruments and speaker systems with performances by the Battery Band, who rocked guitars, vdrums, axes, and vocal effects all on a couple packs of energizer AAs. Roland also released their new Mobile Studio Canvas to control Cakewalk via USB, complete with a built-in sample set, wheel scrub and transport controls, and built-in effects processing (and it also runs on batteries, USB power, or AC adapter). The Mobile Studio Canvas is the perfect complement to a mobile studio.

New field recorders (perfect for you sound effects producers) lined the shelves at Korg, Tascam, and Sanyo. Take your pick, now is a great time to buy and start expanding your personal live sound libraries. Check out a more comprehensive post tomorrow about these field recorders.

Play and Sing Along

There were several new products released that continued the sing-along/play-along rush geared towards educators and students. Roland/Boss presented its new eBand, a full featured guitar amp and effects simulator with onboard vocal effects. Just plug your guitar in, and a full band plays along with you at any tempo or key — great for learning licks and songs, or performing live. The same company rolled out a vocal effects processor similar to the TC Helicon models that have rolled out over the past few years (yes, TC Helicon has also upgraded their Harmony-G by adding an XT Line of vocal processors), with pedal controls, and real-time harmony, and programmable banks to accommodate full sets.

Fun With Drums

Korg, who normally displays new keyboards and synths, showed off a different side of their product line this year, with tons of new guitars, amps, and drums — notably the wavedrum, which acts as a melodic instrument, with different pitches and sounds triggered by playing a single drum head.

Guitars, Guitars, Guitars

No NAMM show is complete without a dizzying array of new and exotic guitars, and cool guitar toys. That’s where TC Electronic hits the mark this year, releasing the worlds first Poly-chromatic tuner. In English: this guitar tuner can tune your guitar from a STRUM. Simply strum your strings, and the PolyTune shows you on one screen which strings are sharp or flat.

Oh, and Moog launched their new Moog Guitar — kinda cool.