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Over the last few months I’ve become increasingly curious about the projects that use Productiontrax media files. Day after day I see files being purchased, but we rarely hear from users telling us what they are doing with the tracks. This curiosity has led us to create a new feature on the blog. Several times a week we would like to share projects that use royalty free media purchased at Productiontrax. If you’d like to share your project (and get some free publicity), send us a description of the project and any appropriate links or media that you’d like us to use. You can send these to, and we will choose a few every week to post on the blog.

To get things rolling, we’ll start with a project that Brad Clement shared with us:

Brad Clement, owner of Spindrift films (, is a freelance producer and camera operator specializing in photos and footage of high-altitude mountaineering and wilderness adventure. His most recent film features wild areas in Chile and Argentina, including those two countries highest respective peaks, Ojos Del Salado (Chile) and Aconcagua (Argentina). Clement writes, “It combines the drama and beauty of mountain climbing with some humor and humility about trying to stay sane in the often outrageous conditions.”

Clement shot the original footage in Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2008, following the program host with a lightweight Sony FX-7 digital HD camera. When he returns from his current climb of Mt. Everest, he will complete the narration, and then the footage will be edited in Final Cut Studio to create a 45-minute show ready for television broadcast.

Even though he’s not in post-production yet, Clement has already secured rights to the soundtrack music through Productiontrax. He writes, “Our goals were to capture the beauty of nature, along with the human character and spirit. We wanted a full range of mood and emotion from our music, with an authentic style from the region of the world in which we were filming. The tracks we were able to find and purchase from Productiontrax were perfect! We selected some great, authentic Andean flute music with a wide variety of styles and moods. ”

As a mountaineering guide, guide instructor, and filmmaker, Clement has climbed the world’s great mountain ranges. In the past eight years, his productions have been featured on major networks such as The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, CNN, PBS, NBC and The Outdoor Channel. He has successfully climbed Mt. Everest with camera in hand, and been involved as a producer and camera operator for four production projects involving Everest: the six-hour Discovery Channel series “Ultimate Survival, Mt. Everest”, the award-winning documentary for Novo Nordisk “Pharmaceuticals, Peaks and Poles – The Will Cross Story”, a television commercial for Liberty Medical, and a recently released documentary film covering the historic Everest Peace Project expedition.

Clement’s next project, a historic climb of Annapurna in north-central Nepal, is detailed at:

Brad was also kind enough to share some incredible photos taken during production.

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