NAMM 2009: Celemony Melodyne Editor

One of my favorite and most useful tools in the studio is Melodyne. It’s great for making normal singers sound phenomenal and poor singers sound normal. It’s pitch correction an quantization features make cleaning up any audio mess a relative breeze.

One of the features sorely missed, however, has been the ability to edit different pitches on the same audio track, ie vocal harmonies where both singers are on the same track, but not on the same page intonation-wise. I missed it until now.

Celemony unveiled their new DNA technology this week, which allows for the recognition, correction, and editing of individual melodic parts within a polyphonic setting. Never again will your choirs have to sing in tune.

Other applications include cleaning up instrumental recordings, fixing guitar tuning, creative harmonization, etc… Scheduled for release in the spring

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