Gear of the Year Poll – From SCOREcast Online

Saw this great poll SCOREcast Online. They are asking everyone for their vote on the Best Software of the Year for Music Production.

While I think all five of the choices are solid, two of them really stand out in mind. Kontact 4 is a definite candidate just based on how people are actually using it. Something that popular has to be a consideration.

My vote however, went to Melodyne DNA. This is a revolutionary piece of software that is really going to change how music production happens. In the demo I saw at NAMM, they took a guitar chord that had a single string out of tune and brought it into tune. They were also able to change the key of a whole song by changing the a single instrument. The ability to manipulate polyphonic audio is going to be huge for the industry. So I had to vote for that.

You can take the poll here:

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