Credits Are Lame.

credits are lameAt, we hate credits. A lot.

We believe that you should be able to buy the stock photos you need for your project, not useless credits. Why waste your money on credits when you can just pay for the photo?

This summer, we want you to see what you’ve been missing at Because we hate credits, but love our customers, we’re offering you 10% off ALL STOCK PHOTOS when you enter coupon code CREDITSARELAME at checkout! has over 40,000 professional stock photos covering a wide variety of subjects. We have the highest, most detailed resolutions available on the internet, with your choice of Small, Medium, or Large.

More fun facts about stock photos at
• Lowest prices for stock photos online, dollar for DPI
• No license tiers – that means you don’t pay extra for extended licensing
• Same professional photographers as major stock photo libraries
• Instant download, and free comps to try out.
• You don’t have to buy credits!

Image above is Photo ID 209864