Contributor News: Productiontrax Partners with AmanaImages for Royalty Free Music Distribution in Japan

We’re pleased to announce that we have finalized our API integration with amanaimages to bring royalty free music and sound effects to the Japanese market. This is also the first step towards the release of our Global Distribution API that will allow for additional distribution and licensing of content worldwide and on other websites. This is a huge advancement for the service, and will result in and overall increase in sales for your tracks.

Amanaimages provides rights-managed and royalty free media in Japan, solely in their native Japanese language, to their huge customer base of hundreds of thousands of existing clients. Amanaimages is a reputable, well-known company that has been in the stock media business since the 1970s serving the Japanese market. This partnership allows Productiontrax contributors to enter into the international market with no additional work or effort whatsoever, without having to establish a foreign office or learn a new language.

Everything happens automatically, and it will be as if the sales are coming from the whole time. Under our agreement with amanaimages, you will receive your full License B asking price (minus the usual PT commission) as set on your contributor account for each track sold, under the same license terms as tracks licensed directly on Amanaimages will report all sales directly to your contributor account via our new API system in realtime, and you will continue to receive royalty payments just like normal from PT. Our API will only release content downloads to amanaimages customers who have purchased a license and that purchase has been posted to your account. You’ll see these transactions on your PT sales reports like this:

Your Song Name (API Network) – License B.

How can you benefit the most from this new partnership? Upload more music and sounds to your PT account and make sure they are accurately tagged and categorized!

Stay tuned for more information about the API, which will be publicly available for developers to use later this year.