Stock Footage Submission Ideas

Many projects require professional video footage in order to meet their production goals, whether you’re making a promotional video or a documentary. Using stock footage is a great way to finish off a project. If you’re a filmmaker, producing stock footage can be an excellent source of income. By licensing or selling your footage to archives and distributors, such as, you can make your stock footage available in the marketplace. So what kind of footage are people looking for? Here are some ideas for stock footage submissions.

Nature – Capturing scenes from nature is a great idea for stock footage clips. Nature stock footage shots are frequently used in many types of productions, and are easy to capture. No matter where you live, there is surely a scene waiting to be filmed in nature. Scenes of different elements of the open world are great, such as forests, rivers, landscapes, and animals interacting in nature are ideal. See what your area has to offer, or make a short trip outside the city to see what you can find.

Urban Areas – If you’re miles away from any kind of possible nature shoot, then capture some footage of the city! Film of city skylines and streets make excellent stock footage, and are simple shots to film. Post up on a street corner and grab some footage of cars passing by, or set up a camera and film the clouds passing behind the city. Also, see if your city has any recognizable monuments or buildings, as these make great subjects for stock footage.

People – A sure-fire idea for stock footage is film of people, in all their shapes and forms. While it may seem like an obvious subject for stock footage, it is a simple idea and easy to produce. Shots of people interacting in different casual settings are easy and cheap to film. Scenes of people in the park, people working in the office, or people at the market are just a few examples. When filming in public, though, be sure you have the correct permits as well as the permission of the subjects you are filming.

Hopefully these simple ideas help spark your imagination enough so that you can produce some of your own stock footage. Now get out there and start filming!

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