Reorganizing The Production Music Studio

Every now and then I get a little antsy. Lately, I’ve been thinking of updading my home studio with some new music production gear, software… or even just rearranging the room a bit. I’ve always wanted the studio to be an inspiring space, something that lends itself to hours of work comfortably, while also giving me that spark of creativity. For me, the studio needs to be fun and inviting — I have to want to go in there! Otherwise, I won’t be creating much new production music, or doing my work for that matter.

I stumbled on this swank set-up:

A bit lacking in music gear, but pretty sweet nonetheless. It kind of reminds me of my office, but there’s something about it that screams I can be creative there. Or I can get some work done there.

Maybe it’s just the clean desk.

What’s your setup like? How do you keep your music production space fresh and inviting and inspiring? Do you have a dedicated room for your home studio, or did you throw all your music gear in a corner or closet. Or do you work in a dungeon?

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