Sound Effects Ideas for Summer

We’re getting near the dreaded summer lull, where every production music and sound recording professional on Earth seems to go on vacation (everyone except for me!). But summer doesn’t have to be slow. In fact, it can be a great time to beef up your music or sound effects library. Take stock now of what media you can create to appeal to summertime projects, and remember that summer production schedules are getting ready for the fall season. Always be one step ahead so that your clients can find what they need!

Here are some ideas for what to point your microphones at over the next few months:

Summer and Early Fall sound effects
Baseball sounds
Ballpark ambience and sound effects
Beach ambience
Boating sound effects
Sounds of outdoor activities like grilling on the barbecue or swimming pools
Household sounds like sprinklers
Bonfire sounds
Camping sounds
School sounds, school bells, pencil sharpeners, erasers, markers, chalkboards… eeeeeeee!
Air conditioners running, starting and stopping
Lemonade stirring
Ice cubes cracking
Ice cream truck sound effects

Get the idea? There are plenty of new sound effects opportunities, and thinking seasonally with your sound effects can help you beat the heat and get a head start on summer.

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