Ellen Gets Cooking With Production Music from Productiontrax

There’s nothing a good production music track can’t do, and now Productiontrax is in the kitchen, adding background music and a latin flavor to the videos at Ellen’s Kitchen by TuckAway TV. In this video, Ellen cooks up some delicious homemade chicken enchiladas. As she walks through the recipe and the rest of us make a mess in our kitchens, the video makes use of the Productiontrax stock music track Light & Easy by Dan Foster (track ID 300233). The track adds a bit of energy and spice to the tasty visuals on screen, playing through transitions and as underscoring for narrations and action sequences.

For the recipe (the food), check out the Elle’s Kitchen pages at tuckawaytv.com – http://cooks.tuckawaytv.com/recipes/chicken-enchiladas .

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