Tutorial Video: Using Quick Checkouts for Royalty Free Production Music Purchases

This tutorial video is going to show you the new purchase now feature, which will let you checkout as soon as you find the production music track you want to license.

To use the purchase now screen, you need to access it via a track information page. In the video, we have a royalty free music track called Break Out on the screen by Robert Neary. Let’s say you’ve previewed it (here) and are ready to license the track. All you do is set your download options on the right side — pick a format… MP3 or Wav file.. and a license, commercial or personal use. Then click the license and download button. Now two options drop down here: purchase now, and add to cart. We want to buy it right now, so hit purchase now.

This brings up a secure checkout form, with our options at the top and the track we’re buying. Just fill in the credit card info, and hit purchase, and your download will be on the next page. Just a quick, timesaving feature that will save you a few clicks if you only want to license a single stock music file.

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