Royalty Free Stock Music Pick of the Week – Opinion

This week, our stock music pick of the week is Opinion by Sergii Vasylchenko, track ID 373640. It’s a super useful piece of production music: its etherial, circular feel over a pulasating yet mellow beat makes this the perfect royalty free music track to accompany montages and timelapse sequences – see the stock footage remarks for some great timelapse video clips. The track is also great for product advertisements, especially in tech and clean energy projects.

We’ve combined Opinion with a timelapse stock footage clip of some clouds over a scenic green rolling hillside, Stock Footage ID 315765. The slow moving pads match the pillowy cloud formations, while the steady beat and forward motion capture the escence of the timelapse motion and firmness of the hillside.

Video note: our text overlay in the middle of the video shows the wrong ID numbers – we didn’t catch that in time for this week’s video. Sorry to our contributors about the error!

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