Stock Music from Productiontrax Promotes Beauty and Wellness

Kissi Media uses royalty free stock music to create a promotional video for a local New York pharmacy.

Enter a New York City pharmacological playground at the New London Pharmacy, where beauty, health, and luxury converge to create an experience of wellness. All captured on camera, production company Kissi Media presents this two-minute promo video utilizing royalty free production music from

“I went over budget but am in love with that track,” said Dawn of Kissi Media. The music, “Jazzy Quartet” by Dan Foster, captured the style and sophistication of the New York City-based shop with its Dave Brubeck Take-Five inspired feel. The promotional video highlights the in-store consultation services and compounding pharmacy, and high-end European product line, as well as specialty niche beauty products and fragrances.

Check out the video below or on vimeo: and the pharmacy on the web at:

New London Pharmacy, New York City from Kissi Media on Vimeo.

Royalty Free Production Music Powers Indie Video Game Release

The team at Gentelman Squid Studio have released their latest indie video game, Rise of the Ravager, and chose royalty free production music from to power their intense and epic soundtrack.

In this latest video game for Windows, Linux, and XBox platforms, a god desires to be reborn, an event that would signal the End of Times. In Rise of the Ravager, gamers seek favor from the Old Ones to prevent the god’s avatar from destroying all. Play alone, or invite up to three friends to blast hordes of enemies utilizing a unique combat system based on color.

Rise of the Ravager

“The game features songs purchased from along with some original compositions. Songs that were purchased were strictly from,” explains Studio Director Fabian Florez. “Trailer music was also purchased from Productiontrax.”

Both the game’s and trailer’s soundtracks are full of epic and dramatic royalty free music tracks, featuring huge sounding drums, choirs, and orchestral effects fit for the big screen. Flores and his team relied heavily on the low-resolution comps from Productiontrax in production. “The site is great and [we] really appreciate the comps in order to see how music fits in our game. I’m so thankful for the artists to supply music like this for your website.”

You can check out the game at

Royalty Free Music and Sweet Remote Control Sports Cars

In probably one of the most exhilarating, high-energy intros ever in a YouTube how-to video, the guys at HemiStorm put royalty free music from to work to add impact, action, and punch as they show off some sweet body detailing products they design for remote control sports cars. With a product that will bring the inner nine-year-old out of any man, it’s hard to believe they would need any help in captivating our attention, but as it turns out, the hard-hitting rock stock music they selected from the music library sucks us in, complementing perfectly not only the on-screen mechanical eye candy, but also HemiStorm’s grunge-inspired urban-garage-infused corporate image.

Visit Their Website:

Stock Music Makes Bacon Taste Better Too

Two Old Crabs are at it again, with a delicious recipe for Barbecue Bacon-Wrapped Cheeseburger Sliders. You heard me right — I said Bacon Wrapped. As if bacon wasn’t enough to catch your attention, the folks behind the video production for RecipeLion and So Many Recipes So Little Thyme used the stock music track 32 Coup by Krystal Chasin Music from to add even more spice to an already tasty dish. Used for transitions, titles, and credits, the stock music track helps move between cuts, tasks, and makes the cooking process fun and entertaining. It’s like watching Food Network, only on YouTube.

These little burgers are bursting with flavor, and are perfect for any gathering, picnic, tailgate or beach party or just a really fun backyard bbq. Just remember to invite Productiontrax to the party — we’ll supply the music.

Royalty Free Production Music Gives Evil Cell Phone Life

Italian indie film maker Enrico Bellelli brings life to an everyday inanimate object in a way that will make you think twice about putting your cellphone in your pocket. Utilizing two production music tracks from to enhance the film’s soundtrack, Bellelli’s film Mephisto the Hellphone is an indie horror comedy tale of a nerdy college student finding an evil-possessed phone that satisfies his every whim. A virtual one-man production crew, Bellelli not only wrote and directed Mephisto, but handled all of the editing, compositing, effects, camera work, live audio capture, and even some commercial voiceover. Royalty free music tracks created the bulk of his soundtrack, an easy, affordable solution for such a small crew.

Royalty Free Music on Vacation

Looking for a fresh perspective? Take a vacation. But before you go, get some travel tips and maybe even a little inspiration from Kid On Vacation. Hosted by Connor and The Dad from the Gorman Getaway Series (featured on Orlando World Center Marriott’s social media campaign), Kid On Vacation is a website that allows children and adults to talk and share great moments of past vacations and to plan for future vacations. Kid-host Connor travels to destinations near and far, giving his tips on where to go and what to do when you get there.

Integral to spreading the word about Kid On Vacation is a video campaign with regular posts to YouTube and their blog. In a recent video, Connor and his creative genius of a camera and production crew (aka Dad… aka Brian) put royalty free production music from to work in a parody Eminem’s Space Bound video, creating a fresh and clever take on travel from a kid’s perspective. Utilizing royalty free music from, Connor and Brian create an unmistakable Eminem vibe with How We Roll by Robert Johnson, while Connor narrates his unforgiving, gangsta-travelin’ monologue. Combined with images of their travels, the result is fun and attention grabbing.

Ellen Gets Cooking With Production Music from Productiontrax

There’s nothing a good production music track can’t do, and now Productiontrax is in the kitchen, adding background music and a latin flavor to the videos at Ellen’s Kitchen by TuckAway TV. In this video, Ellen cooks up some delicious homemade chicken enchiladas. As she walks through the recipe and the rest of us make a mess in our kitchens, the video makes use of the Productiontrax stock music track Light & Easy by Dan Foster (track ID 300233). The track adds a bit of energy and spice to the tasty visuals on screen, playing through transitions and as underscoring for narrations and action sequences.

For the recipe (the food), check out the Elle’s Kitchen pages at – .

Stock Music Makes Harvest Workshop Video a Breeze

Each year, the American Harvest Workshop brings together five top chefs, some of the best artisan food producers, media and consumers to taste, talk, participate in harvest, cook and simply celebrate the bounty of Americas food and wine producers. To capture one of their recent workshops, Cakebread Cellars used stock music from to add energy and excitement to their event video.

Cakebread Cellars used track 30208 El Bailar En La Brisa (Breeze Mix) by Really Free Music, a royalty free music track in a Latin party style featuring hard funky bass and plenty of percussion and brass. The track created a perfect layer of sound underneath the documentary-style video.

Hexagon Metrology Uses Production Music for Industrial Video

Hexagon Metrology, the leading innovator and manufacturer of worldwide dimensional measuring equipment and software, produced an in-house video to introduce a new industrial product, the ROMER INFINITE 2.0. In the past, Hexagon used production music from for internal training videos as well as for customer use.

William Fetter, Director of Marketing and Communications, says, “We love tools like, where we can get access to high quality media instantly, so we can complete our projects faster than ever before.” The video shows the enhanced usability and performance of the latest version over its predecessor. The portable CMMs are used to inspect stationary parts that are either impractical or impossible mobility in over 100 different industries the major segments being automotive, aerospace, defense and heavy machinery.  

The in-house video for ROMER took less than 2 weeks to complete. Hexagon Metrology used Pinnacle Studio for the production of the video, Swishmax for the animations, and Swishvideo to covert the video to a standalone projector for the web. They combined some of their own original digital footage with digital still photos, flash animation, stock photo and video. To help promote their product they turned to YouTube which made the video easily accessible to the public.

 “We were looking for something that was corporate feeling, yet unobtrusive—we had a complete narrative soundtrack, so the music had to support, but not intrude,“ says William Fetter. “We were looking for a modern soundtrack without being too edgy or aggressive. After listening to a lot of different tracks on, we found just what we were looking for. We love tools like, where we can get access to high quality media instantly, so we can complete our projects faster than ever before.”

For more information about Hexagon Metrology please visit

Royalty Free Music Dramatizes High-Altitude Travel

Andean Flutes Capture the Beauty of Nature as Mountaineer Dramatizes High-Altitude Travel with Royalty Free Music from Productiontrax

Brad Clement, owner of Spindrift films (, is a freelance producer and camera operator specializing in photos and footage of high-altitude mountaineering and wilderness adventure. His most recent film features wild areas in Chile and Argentina, including those two countries highest respective peaks, Ojos Del Salado (Chile) and Aconcagua (Argentina). Clement writes, “It combines the drama and beauty of mountain climbing with some humor and humility about trying to stay sane in the often outrageous conditions.”

Clement shot the original footage in Dec. 2007 and Jan. 2008, following the program host with a lightweight Sony FX-7 digital HD camera. When he returns from his current climb of Mt. Everest, he will complete the narration, and then the footage will be edited in Final Cut Studio to create a 45-minute show ready for television broadcast.

To prepare his soundtrack, Clement secured rights to music by licensing royalty free music through Productiontrax. He writes, “Our goals were to capture the beauty of nature, along with the human character and spirit. We wanted a full range of mood and emotion from our music, with an authentic style from the region of the world in which we were filming. The tracks we were able to find and purchase from Productiontrax were perfect! We selected some great, authentic Andean flute music with a wide variety of styles and moods. ”

As a mountaineering guide, guide instructor, and filmmaker, Clement has climbed the world’s great mountain ranges. In the past eight years, his productions have been featured on major networks such as The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, CNN, PBS, NBC and The Outdoor Channel. He has successfully climbed Mt. Everest with camera in hand, and been involved as a producer and camera operator for four production projects involving Everest:  the six-hour Discovery Channel series “Ultimate Survival, Mt. Everest”, the award-winning documentary for Novo Nordisk “Pharmaceuticals, Peaks and Poles – The Will Cross Story”, a television commercial for Liberty Medical, and a recently released documentary film covering the historic Everest Peace Project expedition.