Six Great Uses for Stock Footage

Most people know that using royalty free music can save them a lot of time and money in production. Similarly, stock footage is a great time saver, allowing producers of multimedia content to deliver their final projects on budget and on time, without sacrificing creativity and visual diversity. Here are a few ways you can use stock footage to your advantage:

1) Background projection at concerts and live events. Music and visual stimulation go hand in hand, and stock footage creates awesome background animations for large-scale projection needs. Whether it’s a small club or giant rock venue, your graphics team can enhance any production with the use of royalty free video. Think timelapse clouds, bustling urban scenes, or psychadelic sequences to accompany your next performance or speech. Stock footage allows you to create amazing live performances with moving images at a fraction of the cost of hiring out a full production crew.

stock footage
Set a futuristic sci-fi scene with a single, low cost stock footage clip.

2) Establishing location. For films and television shows requiring shots that set location, stock footage clips can go a long way in helping you to tell the where of your story. For example, inserting a stock video clip of a city highrise just before a scene can help your audience visualize that the scene takes place in a downtown office. Stock footage allows for a lot of creativity along these lines, easily affording aerial shots of cities, mountain ranges, and futuristic planetary locations. The only limit to where your next film can take place is your imagination.

3) Montages. Timelapse stock footage comes in really handy for creating montages and similar visual sequences. The fact that the video has already been edited together for you is also a huge timesaver. We like to combine montages with some royalty free music for really effective promo videos with inspiring messages.

4) Source footage for props. With a little bit of graphic artistry, you can take any clip and put it on a TV screen, computer screen, or anything else you can imagine. When a prop requires moving images, you can get a lot of utility out of simple stock footage clips.

5) Video to accompany podcasts. When you’re producing a daily or weekly audio podcast, you don’t always have time to find great images to accompany your audio. You can easily take an audio-only podcast to the realm of video podcasting with some stock footage clips. With some simple video editing software, you can mix your podcast audio with clips covering just about any topic.

News broadcasts. Have a breaking story to cover? We all know that being first with a story is everything in the news industry, and stock footage clips allow you to break the news visually faster than any other method of production, short of standing on the scene live. Inserting cool animations, historical shots, and other royalty free clips can help provide visual variety to your watchers with minimal investment of time and money.

How are you using stock footage?

New Royalty Free Music Podcast – New Episode on iTunes

We’ve added a new episode of our royalty free music podcast on iTunes, featuring some of the newest stock production music on for the month of April, 2012. The royalty free music featured are all available for download and royalty-free use in any multimedia project, and we focused on a variety of styles and genres, all with great production value and a professional sound.

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We opened with Positive Times – Corporate Background (track ID 298305), which provides an upbeat, professional sounding intro and underscore for our opening dialogue. Duet Rag 2 by John Warye is a great royalty free dixieland rag music track, that we could see in a comedy sketch or some kind of old skool bank robery flick. Safari is a wonderful action and adventure stock music selection that captures the African Sahara mixed with elements of techno and epic orchestra.

We then switched gears to a guitar-heavy classic rock track by Space Taster called Detonator. Great track for anything needing a bit of an edge. Worlds Apart is an Indian-infused orchestral cue that combines traditional orhcestra with sitar and other south-asian elements by Abbas Premjee. If you need some authentic Afro-Cuban stock music, Train to Havana by Will Tang is a great live track that captures the essence of Latin-American music. But don’t get too comfortable, because Funktrondelic by Michael Norman will just blow your mind, combining psychadelic rock with classic funk and a bit of electronica to fill out this awesome royalty free funk soundtrack.

If you need something a bit more nostalgic, return to the 80s with April Anderson’s I’m So Glad, a female vocal pop tune that works well for so many kinds of projects, including commerical, feature film, and the requisite 80’s Montage. It will turn back time! Filling out the rest of the New Royalty Free Music Podcast on iTunes is a dramatic film music cue called From the Darkness, with chilling piano and dark undertones, perfect for any suspenseful scene, follwed by our lead-out of the month Radio Flyer, a hard hitting, high-energy Punk & Ska composition.

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New Royalty Free Music Podcast Returns

That’s right folks. The New Royalty Free Music Podcast is back on iTunes. New episodes posted monthly, and we just added one today. Give it a listen and check out all the great new media being posted to!

Featured this month:

Broken Glass by Dan Foster
Running After You by Anna Eichenauer
Tribal Spirit by Neil Cross
Menage a Une by Stuart Moore
Lost at Sea by Igge Scoce
Let’s Go Out by Grainger Lock
Valentines Music Theme by Bobby Cole

New Podcast Episode on iTunes

A new episode of our podcast is available on iTunes, here, and on YouTube. This week we feature the following music:

Teo Wei Yong – A Dogs Love Theme – 164849 by Audivarius Music
Action & Adventure

Come to Cape Town – 164155 by Alec Makinson
60 Second Spots – Advertising/Commercial

Hunky Dory 2 – 164057 by Hal Gold
60 Second Spots – Advertising/Commercial

Period Of Life – 164786 by Jon Lawson/Ryan Hoyle

Tchaikovsky Waltz – 162770 by Dmitriy Lukyanov
Classical – Chamber

The Lotus Flower (Jazz Version) – 163031 by Stuart Moore
Big Band & Swing

Robotik – 164137 by Geoff Harvey

New Stock Footage of the US Capitol Building and Monuments in Washington DC by Hans Van Den Nieuwendijk in the Cityscapes – Downtown category

Download it now for free from iTunes!

Watch the video version here or on YouTube:

New Podcast Episode: New Royalty Free Music March 5, 2010

Hey everyone, a new episode of our new tracks podcast is online at iTunes! Subscribe on iTunes

This Episode features music by Dan Foster, William Peklinsky, Alexander Makeev, Robert Johnson, Chris Nickel, Gordon Mcginnis, Stephen Baird, and Robert Critchley:

Opposites (PT161060)
Strange Craft (PT161040)
Secret Transmitter (PT161039)
North Light (PT161029)
Rumble Thump (PT160956)
Bluelight Variations (PT160943)
Funny Style (PT160939)
Tremolo Tide (PT160938)
Drive Test (PT161069)

New Episode: New Royalty Free Music Podcast on iTunes and YouTube

A new episode of our New Tracks Podcast is online now at iTunes and YouTube. Check it out, and preview new music on your own schedule! Subscribe on iTunes here.

This weeks episode features the following tracks:

160072 Afternoon by Scott Taft, Jr.
160071 Shanghai Sunset by Jim Rieder
160070 In A Silvery Afternoon by Diapason
160062 Clev 2 by Gordon McGinnis
160068 Tears of Joy by Dan Foster
160029 Still Time by Scott Taft, Jr.
159987 Lambs of Silence by Garry Cribb
159121 Deadly Graveyard Soundtrack by Bobby Cole
159904 Freewheelin by Jeanette Clement
159546 Dark Side by Dan Foster