Stock Music for Befuddled Bee

Using a combination of ToonBoom Studio 6, Audacity, iMovie,and GarageBand, Yootoon Studios created a fun animated short about a bee who has a moment of uncertainty as he steps out of his hive. To add to the fun and to create a matching soundtrack to highlight the story and give life to their animated character, the folks at Yootoon Studios utilized a stock music track from and incorporated it into the one-minute film’s soundtrack.

Baxter Bee – Befuddled Bee uses a piece called The Cue, with music composed, arranged & produced by Thomas Bukket, licensed for commercial use – track ID 5143. It’s a jolly, light-hearted, dixieland piece that is perfect for children’s projects and animated shorts like this one.

Yootoon Studios is cartoon creator Butch Hartman’s new animation channel, with new episodes on YouTube every Wednesday at 12PM. You can even submit your own stuff.